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Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA
Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA

Tuttnauer TVET10E Fully Automatic Autoclave ( Veterinary)

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Tuttnauer TVET10E Fully Automatic Autoclave ( Veterinary)

The perfect Autoclave developed exclusively for Veterinarians The tvet line fits all your sterilization needs by creating cycle parameters to accommodate double wrapped pouches. These cycles ensure sterility and efficient drying of packs and pouches, helping veterinarians meet today's challenging workloads.

A fully automatic veterinary autoclave, with one-touch simplicity.

The tvet 10E is a compact, fully automatic steam sterilizer. Once activated, it will run the entire cycle until the load is ready to be removed. This time-saving autoclave comes with a 6-gallon stainless steel chamber and a high-efficiency air pump. With closed-door active drying, your instruments will be dry in no time. The tvet 10E's brighter and easier to read panel delivers full penetration of steam and post-vacuum drying. All program parameters can be customized and stored.

4 Trays. Tray handle included

Intuitive Control
The LCD control panel gives you an easy-to-read overview of sterilization parameters and progress. Operate with a simple, intuitive menu system

Safe-Locking Door
Easy to use with one hand, the decorative stainless steel door has a double safety mechanism.

Simple Drainage
A drainage valve is conveniently located at the front, allowing you to quickly and easily drain the water reservoir

Durable Chamber
Made to last, the electropolished 316L stainless steel chamber is backed by a 10-year warranty

Multi-Layered Safety
Safety features include an audiovisual monitoring system, a low water sensor and automatic shut-off at the end of all cycles

An optimized program for every load

Standard unwrapped cycle hot start: Sterilization 3 min, Drying 1 min, Total 21 min. Standard wrapped cycle cold start: Sterilization 7 min, Drying 45 min, Total 67 min.

Dimensions (W x H x D)* 21.5” x 20.1” x 14.4”
545mm x 510mm x 365mm

Chamber Dimensions 10” x 19”
254mm x 475mm

Chamber Volume 23 Liter
6 Gallon

Tray Capacity 4 Trays
Tray Dimensions 16,3” x 6,7" x 0.8”,
442mm x 170mm x 20mm

Standard Cassette Capacity 3 Full & 3 Half*
Voltage & Frequency*** 120V

Power & Current

Shipping Weight 95 Lbs
43 kg

* Standard full size cassette is 8” x 11” and standard half size cassette is 8” x 5.5”
Manual Sterilizer: 1 year parts and labor
automatic Sterilizer: 2 years parts and labor
Disinfection Washer: 2 years parts
Ultrasonic Cleaner: 1 year parts and labor

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