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Welcome to our web page. We Offer free shipping and free installation with the purchase of a $5500.00. Up to 250 miles from Miami Florida in Some Equipment Hablamos Español!
Welcome to our web page. We Offer free shipping and free installation with the purchase of a $5500.00. Up to 250 miles from Miami Florida in Some Equipment Hablamos Español!

Tpc Advance 800n Piezo Ultrasonic Built-In Scaler A800n A800-Led

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TPC Advance Piezo Ultrasonic Built-In Scaler

Model A800N
Advance 800N Piezo Ultrasonic Built In Scaler Includes:  Advance 800N Piezo Ultrasonic Scaler with Handpiece, #G1, #G2, #G4, #P4, & #P5 Tips, Tip Wrench, Transformer, and Control Box

Model A800-LED

Advance 800N Piezo Ultrasonic Built In Scaler W/LED Includes:  Advance 800 LED Handpiece,  #G1, #G2, #G4, #P4, & #P5 Tips, Tip Wrench, Transformer, and Control Box

  • Extremely gentle on patient, causes little or no sensitivity
  • No heat build up in handpiece tip with extended use
  • Autoclavable handpiece
  • Extensive power range to allow widest choice of clinical application
  • Fine water spray eliminates excessive overspray onto patient
  • Thin subgingival tips available
  • 5 tips included with unit
  • 1 year warranty (tips excluded)
  • Transformer: 24V, 1 amp
  • Activated by unit foot control - no additional foot control needed
  • Small electronic box: 2-3/8"L x 1.5"W x 1.25"H
  • Easy tip system allows tips to be changed easily
  • Absorbed power: max 15 watt
  • Scaler: max 10 watt, 24-28 kHz, automatic tuning
  • Water pressure: 30-145 PSI
  • Water consumption: 10-50 cc/minute
  • No external water line / power cord
  • Shipping dimensions: 11"L x 8"W x 7"H / 4 lbs
  • The Advance 800N eliminates the need for external water line and power cord connections.
  • The Advance 800N operates from unit foot control – no additional foot control needed.
  • The Advance 800N allows for a clean appearing operatory eliminating all visible tubs power lines.
  • A760 – Endo files and holder (21m 325)
  • A761 - Piezo Scaler tip #G1
  • A762 – Piezo Scaler tip #G2
  • A763 – Piezo Scaler tip #P3 (slim)
  • A764 – Piezo Scaler tip #P4
  • A766 – Piezo Scaler tip #P5
  • A767 – Piezo Scaler tip #G4
  • A745 – Piezo Scaler handpiece
  • A746 – Piezo Scaler handpiece w/ LED
  • A776 – Tip Wrench
  • A749 – Piezo Scaler O-ring 

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Brake assembly
Unit head frame and holder bar
PMU (excluding plastic covers- top, front, sides)
Tri Block

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2015 & 2015.2.0 Cuspidor. 
Solenoid Valves & Coil / Control PCB

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Handpiece tubing
Syringe tubing
Hve & Saliva ejector tubing
Internal plumbing (only defects in workmanship)
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Air brake push button valve
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Telescoping assistants arm

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