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Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA
Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA

Tech West Eco-Star Amalgam Separator (ESAS-100)

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The ECO-STAR AMALGAM SEPARATOR systems are on the leading edge of technology in design and performance.

Designed to serve up to 10 chairs.

Easy filtration of Amalgam, Mercury, Alloy and other waste particles.

Long filter life.

Tech West Eco-Star Amalgam Separator (ESAS-100)


The ECO-Star® Amalgam Separator boasts a high containment capacity for extended service and pump life, cutting-edge cyclonic design with rapid velocity and waste capture. There are less parts, reducing potential leak and failure points and a fully molded design offering a clear view of the system in action. With ISO 11143:2008 certification by NSF, meeting Best Management Practices (BMPs), and over 99% removal, ECO-Star’s® high efficiency cyclonic vacuum filtration solution leads the way in advanced vacuum filtration while also complying with the rigid amalgam separation requirement.

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