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Solmetex Photo-Chemical Filter Automatic with Wall Mount PWS-PCF-A

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Solmetex Photo-Chemical Filter Automatic with Wall Mount PWS-PCF-A

Photo Chemical Recovery

Features: • Manual filters • Automatic filters • California specific • Easy installation

Waste photo chemicals from x-ray film processing equipment are filtered rendering waste non-hazardous to meet local, state, and federal requirements for discharge into public sewer. Spent filter is shipped for recycling via DOT/EPA approved storage / shipping container. Generator is supplied with prepaid return shipping container, recycling, and proper documentation.

Description, Part #

  • Photo-Chemical Filter automatic, PWS-PCF-A
  • Photo-Chemical Filter manual. PWS-PCF-M
  • Photo-Chemical Filter CA automatic, PWS-PCF-CA
  • Photo-Chemical Filter CA manual, PWS-PCF-CM

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