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Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA
Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA

Sierra Eagle EGL-T6 Dental Air Compressor

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Best Sierra Eagle EGL-T6 Dental Air Compressor oil less

EGL-T-6 3 Years Dual 1.5 HP, 8 Gallon, Heat Exchanger, Desiccant Dryer (1-4 users)(18"x 24"x 28")

Each compressor tank is thoroughly powder-coated, which creates an antimicrobial surface area, preventing patients and staff from contact with harmful bacteria that prevents the spread of disease. Included is our four-stage Ever-Dry system, which consists of a heat exchanger, mechanical coalescing, (which removes 98% of available moisture) Desiccant dryer, (absorbs remaining moisture) and an auto moisture purge (drying desiccant beads before next fill cycle). This eliminates moisture and bacteria from your distribution lines, allowing you extra time and worry-free operations. 

Capacity 1-4 Users
Warranty 3 Years
Voltage 115 VAC
Power 1.5 HP
Footprint 28" x 18" x 24"
Tank 8 Gallons
CFM 5.05
Amps 11 Amps
Noise Level 67 dB
Weight 110 lbs


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