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Ritter Operatory Package R400 With Stool (Germany)

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Ritter Operatory Package R400 With Stool

The R400 Unit

Ritter Dental introduces a dental unit designed with clinicians in mind. The R400 offers aesthetic appeal with user-friendly features that enhance efficiency and make it the ideal unit for meeting the unique demands of today’s practices. Our flagship unit can be customized to suit your office and is the perfect complement to any dental practice.

Ritter Operatory Package R400 With Stool (Germany)

High quality materials, durable construction

• Streamlined delivery systems with convenience and flexibility

• Chairs built for smooth and quiet operation with patient comfort in mind

• Ergonomic design to help prevent fatigue and stress

• Customizable glass elements

• Maximum comfort for patients and users

• Synchronized chair movements

• Trendelenburg positioning

• Powerful and quiet electric chair motors

• Plush seamless upholstery

• 3 automatic chair positions

• Rinsing/last position chair buttons

• Automatic chair safety switches

• Optional: right side movable armrest Multifunctional Foot Control

• Comfortable and easy positioning

• Industry-leading ergonomic foot control

• Foot controller activates via photo sensor

• Relaxed foot positioning

• Continous speed regulation of the instruments

• Fast and easy activation of all functions Movable Headrest

• Double articulating headrest is comfortable for all patients

Ritter Operatory Package R400 With Stool (Germany)

R400 Prima With swinging hoses:

• Instrument placement without eye contact

• Perfect treatment in all positions

• Excellent guidance during take-away/ placement of the instruments

• No pull-back effect

• Optimal weight balance between instrument and hosing system

• Comfortable, convenient working

• 5 instrument holders

R400 Excell With hanging hoses:

• Comfortable instrument removal/ replacement

• Perfect treatment in all positions

• Ideal ergonomics

• 5 instrument holders

Ritter Operatory Package R400 With Stool (Germany)

Quality Commitment

• All surface parts are made from metal or fiberglass

• Excellent stability

• Long-term, consistent appearance

• Superior craftmanship

Ritter SunLite LED

• Light intensity: 8,000 - 35,000 lx

• Color temperature: 4,200 - 6,000 K

• Adjustable temperature color

• Adjustable light intensity

• Low heat emission

• Long lifetime cycle

• Precise illumination of the working field

Ritter Operatory Package R400 With Stool (Germany)

• Offers flexibility and efficiency

• Quick instrument change

• Up to 3 placement holders

• Control funtions in glass touch panel

• Cuspidor

• High volume and saliva ejector


• Chair-mounted glass cuspidor and water unit

• Synchronized movement with the chair

• Removable, autoclavable cuspidor

• Easy removal and disinfection of components

• Aqua Bottle System or automatic disinfection system for instruments and syringes

Ritter Operatory Package R400 With Stool (Germany)

High quality upholstery

• Made in Germany

• Ergonomic saddle tilts up to 5°

• Soft substructure

• Long lifespan

• Ergonomic and comfortable seating

• Gas lift cylinder

• Five dual casters for stability

• Color-matched upholstery available in multiple colors

• “PLUS“: Height adjustable backrest

Ritter Operatory Package R400 With Stool (Germany)





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