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RayScan 3D EDGE Panoramic X Ray

by RayScan
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RayScan 3D EDGE Panoramic X Ray 

New approach toward the future

RAYSCAN α (Alpha) changed a trend of dental imaging system by proving its reliability and robustness with the highest level of diagnostic efficiency.

The RAYSCAN Alpha 3D Edge is a Digital Panoramic X-Ray, Cone Beam CT, Cephalometric X-Ray and Impression CT Scan all-in-one.
RayScan 3D EDGE Panoramic X Ray
RayScan 3D EDGE Panoramic X Ray
3D Edge 4 in 1 Convenience in Speed Treatment plans and diagnoses become more effcient. No wasted waiting time for you and your patients. - 14 second scan time - 30 second 3D reconstruction time. Productive Operation Implement your computer operating system to the new standard of PC software. Your acquisition computer in Windows 10 environment can bring the best compatibility with other up-to-date programs. Advanced Digital Workfow RayScan 3D EDGE Panoramic X Ray Intuitive STL Conversion RayScan 3D EDGE Panoramic X Ray Innovative Maintenance Service Ensure your equipment with our 24/7 online monitoring system. Internet of Things (IoT) technology sends alerts to avoid potential problems. CT Quality Assurance Allow yourself a full capability over your CBCT by utilizing RAYSCAN DVT software with an imaging phantom. RAYSCAN DVT is a self quality assurance report writer for bone density classifcation. This simple report generator completes a daily CT Quality Assurance Test (QAT) for any state CBCT regulation/requirements. *Number of States Department of Health radiologic regulation requires daily CT QAT. Optimized Workfow Simplify your workfow by eliminating numerous imaging softwares to only one. Rayview is a bridging system that is compatible with Eaglesoft, Dentrix, Open Dental and etc. Intraoral sensors, cameras, and other imaging sources are integrated in Ray View. Higher Accuracy, Lower Dosage RayScan 3D EDGE Panoramic X Ray