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Welcome to Dentamed USA our web page. Hablamos Español!

ProVeneer In-Office Veneer System – Silmet Dental 2198239

by Silmet
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ProVeneer In-Office Veneer System – Silmet Dental  2198239

  • ProVeneer Assorted Shade Assorted Kit (3-A1/ 2-A2/ 2-B1/ 3-BW - 104-18PVAST
  • ProVeneer A1 Blister Refill Packs 10/bx. - Silmet / 104-18PV10-A1
  • ProVeneer A2 Blister Refill Packs 10/bx. - Silmet / 104-18PV10-A2
  • ProVeneer B1 Blister Refill Packs 10/bx. - Silmet / 104-18PV10-B1
  • ProVeneer BW Blister Refill Packs 10/bx. - Silmet / 104-18PV10-BW
Manufacturer: Silmet SKU: 2198239 ProVeneer provides affordable, natural-looking veneers in a single visit. While similar to composites, this advanced resin technology allows dentists to implement stain-resistant and chip-resistant restorations as thin as 0.1mm without shells or preformed veneers. ProVeneer eliminates issues associated with positioning conventional composite veneers. Extremely thin at 0.1mm, reduced lab expenses, bubble free, non sticky, natural luster, and minimal chair time (approximately 15 minutes per tooth). Patients prefer ProVeneer veneers because they are affordable and healthy teeth do not require filing. Many dentists use ProVeneer to establish a cosmetic dentistry practice.

ProVeneer - In Office Veneer System - Silmet Dental

ProVeneer System Kit features a complete solution for achieving the desired results while creating LifeLike Veneers.
All the necessary materials and tools can be found inside. For achieving best results, please avoid using alternative materials.
For your convenience, we included a Quick Reference illustrated instruction card for creating ProVeneer Life Like

For more information please visit: 

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ProVeneer System Kit includes:

  • 10 x RBFM Single use pack
  • 1 x ProVeneer RBFM Bonding Agent
  • 1 x ProFil Flow Cement
  • 1 x ProEtch
  • Accessories

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