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Welcome to Dentamed USA our web page. Hablamos Español!

New Tuttnauer 2540MKA Quick-Cycle Manual Steam Sterilizer

Original price $8,230.42 - Original price $8,230.42
Original price $8,230.42
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New Tuttnauer 2540MKA Quick-Cycle Manual Steam Sterilizer

The only manual autoclave with closed door drying. Fast cycles without compromising patients' safety! T-Quick cycles deliver dry instruments, no wicking and no recontamination to put patients at risk. Set it and forget it! Sterilizes and dries without the need to supervise.

Fast, efficient, space-saving powerhouse

Packed with features for the fastest, most versatile operation, the T-Quick delivers outstanding performance, speed, alongside unmatched safety features and intuitive controls. Everything you need for the most demanding high volume environments.
Chairside sterilization is no longer recommended due to aerosols. The T-Quick autoclave solves this issue.
Sterilize more often More loads throughout the day vs. full loads
Fast cycles Faster cycles that deliver dry instruments and no wicking
Closed door drying Your equipment will dry without having to open the door, saving you time
Simple Drainage Valve is conveniently located at the front to allow quick and easy reservoir drainage
Overheating Protection The dual safety thermostat and automatic shut-off deliver reliable protection from overheating
Cycle Programs Load Type Cycle Time *
Unwrapped 134 Unwrapped Instruments 11 minutes
Wrapped 134 Wrapped Instruments 15 minutes
Unwrapped delicate 121 Unwrapped Delicate Instruments 25 minutes
Wrapped 121 Wrapped Delicate Instruments 25 minutes
Unwrapped Single Instruments

9 minutes


* Cycle times are based on:1 kg standard loads (including drying), Warm chamber (and subject to load size)

Control Panel Easy-to-use control panel with pressure gauge.
New Tuttnauer 2540MKA Quick-Cycle Manual Steam Sterilizer
  • Overall Dimensions (DxWxH) 20” x 14.3” x 21.7" (W x H x D) 508mm x 362mm x 550mm) (W x H x D)
  • Chamber Volume 23 Liter 6.1 Gallon
  • Chamber Dimensions 10” x 18.4” (Diameter x Depth) 250mm x 467mm (Diameter x Depth)
  • Tray Capacity 4 Trays
  • Standard Cassette Capacity 3 full
  • Tray Dimensions 16.3” x 6.7" x 0.8” (414mm x 168mm x 20mm)
  • Voltage & Frequency 230V 50-60Hz
  • Power & Current** 2200W 9.6A
  • Warranty 1 year parts and labor 
NOTES * Standard full size cassette is 8” x 11”
** Model T-Quick requires a voltage between 220V and 235V for proper operation. When applicable a buck/boost transformer (0.5 kVA) may be required.

Designed to meet the most current sterilization standards


UL/EN 61010-1
ISO 13485:2003
ISO 9001:2000

Aligns with AAMI guidelines

Manual Sterilizer: 1 year parts and labor
automatic Sterilizer: 2 years parts and labor
Disinfection Washer: 2 years parts
Ultrasonic Cleaner: 1 year parts and labor

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