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Matrix4100 With Advanced Positioning - Matrix 4100 35" Sleep Deck Width, 4 Locking Casters Advanced

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Matrix4100 With Advanced Positioning - Matrix 4100 35" Sleep Deck Width, 4 Locking Casters Advanced Positioning MAP49174


OTE: Basic American Medical Products beds are for INSTITUTIONAL USE ONLY. Orders will not be accepted for delivery to a residential address.

Smart Technology
• Digital Electronics enable ‘plug and play’ capability to add features at any time

o Advanced Positioning
o USB Power Supply for cell phone charging
o Underbed Light for resident safety
• Interchangeable Electronics
• 450 LB Safe Work Load 
• Travel Range:  8.95”-27”

Key Features:
• Energy-saving electronics consume up to 66% less power than electronics using a transformer
• Sealed ball bearings in the hi-lo joints provide maintenance-free continuous, silent operation
 US Patent awarded hi-lo system (mechanism inside of bottom of mainframe tubes reduces the chance of fluids getting inside and harboring bacteria)
• Industry-leading electronics ensure lower cost of Ownership
• Tool-less assembly
• SilverSolutions within the powder coating provides antimicrobial surface protection and deters the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria

Available with:
• Embedded staff control with safety-inspired two-stage lockouts
• Advanced Positioning, including chair and Trendeleburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
• Optional hand pendant to control Trendelenburg/Reverse Trendelenburg
• Intuitive 2-pedal locking system - centrally located, easily visible from a distance to ensure the bed is locked, and is accessible at all heights and widths – even the lowest position
• 4-locking casters
• 35" or 42" sleep deck  
• Underbed Light clearly illuminates where the resident gets in and out of the bed
• USB Power Supply eliminates using a separate wall outlet for cell phone and tablet charging
Matrix4100 With Advanced Positioning - Matrix 4100 35 Sleep Deck Width, 4 Locking Casters Advanced
  • Overall Bed Length (with boards and wallsaver) 76" 81.2" 81.2" 80" 83.1" 83.1" Sleep Deck Width 35" 42"
  • Bed Width Including Boards 36" 42"
  • Maximum Height (floor to top of mattress support deck) 27" 27"
  • Minimum Height (floor to top of mattress support deck) 8.95" 8.95"
  • Maximum Head / Back Deck Angle 68° 68°
  • Maximum Knee / Foot Deck Angle 25° 25°
  • Maximum Trendelenburg / Reverse Trendelenburg Angle 12° 12°
  • Maximum Safe Working Load WITH WEIGHT EVENLY DISTRIBUTED - includes bedding, resident / patient, 450 lb 450 lb support surface, and accessories (204.1 kg) (204.1 kg)
  • Bed Mass (standard deck, without assist devices 150 lb 157 lb or boards) (68.0 kg) (71.2 kg)

Warranty: Main Frame and welds:............................................... Fifteen years Control Box and Actuator Motors:.............................. Four years Hand Control Pendant, Staff Control, and Cabling:.... Three years Headboard and Footboard:........................................ One year All other durable components not listed above: ........ Two years