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Intraoral X-Ray FONA XDG

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Intraoral X-Ray FONA XDG

Excellent image quality

FONA XDG produces excellent image quality even in the most demanding working conditions. Thanks to the finest focal spot of 0.4 it delivers sharp images with optimal details, both with high resolution sensors and finest grain films.

Ergonomic positioning

The light, solid and stable arm assures smooth movement and reliable positioning. Thousands of satisfied customers use XDG and experience the ergonomy, ease of positioning and final position stability every day.

Easy-to-use control panel

Select the tooth type, patient size and receptor technology and you are ready for exposure. Preset exposure program selection is fast and easy allowing you to save time while being sure that you will receive a high quality radiograph.

Finest focal spot 0.4

Acquire high image quality with every exposure. Thanks to the finest focal spot of 0.4 XDG delivers sharp images with optimal details, both with high resolution sensors and finest grain films.

Variety of configurations

FONA XDG is available as a mobile or wall mounted unit with four different extension arm lengths. Thanks to the wide configuration choice it integrates perfectly into your dental practice.

Automatic exposure settings

Simply select from 6 preset anatomical programs and 2 patient sizes and the exposure settings will be automatically set in a range from 60 ms to 3.2 s assuring high image quality with each exposure. You can also select a special program for bitewings and in case you use a digital sensor.

Proven solution

Automatic correction for mains voltage fluctuations, full protection against tube over heating with accurate cool down procedure and back up timer will make XDG your reliable companion for years to come. Thousands of units installed worldwide provide high quality imaging every day

Easy to install

XDG will flexibly adopt to the layout of your clinic. Timer and hand switch can be remotely mounted allowing the control of the exposure from outside the X-ray room.


Generator Alternating Current (AC)
Focal Spot 0.4 [IEC 336/1997]
Tube voltage 70 kVp
Tube current 3.5 mA
Line voltage 120 / 230 V, 50/ 60 Hz
Focus-Skin Distance (SSD) 21 cm
Exposure time 0.21 – 11.2 mAs
Patient Size Programs Adult, Child
Number of Preset Anatomical Programs 6
Special Preset Exposure Programs Bitewing, Digital sensor
Useful reach – with SSD 21 cm 138 cm – with short extension arm (30 cm) 168 cm – with medium extension arm (60 cm) 188 cm – with long extension arm (80 cm) 208 cm – with extra long extension arm (100cm)