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Welcome to Dentamed USA our web page. Hablamos Español!
Welcome to Dentamed USA our web page. Hablamos Español!

Hydraulic Patient Lifts GFD-LF1030

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Original price $919.60
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Hydraulic Patient  Lifts LF1030

  • Hydraulic Patient  Lifts LF1030
  • Base width Open: 39.4" Closed: 25.6"
  • Base height Clearance 5-1/2"
  • Base length 45.30"
  • Lifting height range Note: As measured from point where spreader bar attaches to boom. Minimum: 27.4" Maximum: 77.7" Range: 50.3"
  • Mast height 55.1"
  • Weight capacity 400 lb (181 kg)
  • Caster size 4.00" diameter, both locking and non-locking
  • Product Weight 90 lb
  • Shipping Weight 103.2 lb

Hydraulic Patient Lifts GFD-LF1030

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