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Welcome to Dentamed USA our web page. Hablamos Español!
Welcome to Dentamed USA our web page. Hablamos Español!


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Original price $39,000.00
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Fast and Safe Technology One-shot Cephalometry Ready in 2 clicks

3D, Pano and Ceph in one compact device

Compact system with two sensors automatically adjusting positioning to the desired 3D, Pano or Ceph program by simply selecting the program and patient size. The unit is perfect to install in small and big clinics due to its efficient design.

Fast and safe technology

Setting the exposure was never easier – 3D, Pano or Ceph in just two clicks. Images are produced in seconds and patient size selection allows to optimise the dose.

One-shot cephalometry

Innovative sensor technology acquires the cephalometric image in just one second, thus preventing patient movement and increasing image quality



3D Cone beam volume of 8.5 x 8.5 in just 30 seconds

Advanced 64bit technology allows you to begin diagnosis in as little as 30 seconds from start of the exposure. Mandibular canal and maxillary sinuses are clearly visible in a single exposure

Implant planning at hand

Available implant planning software allows precise preparation of your implant placement and to select from more than 60 different implant brands.

Panoramic programs for all indications

You can select from 7 panoramic programs including Sinus and TMJ. Child panoramic and partial arch scans are available to allow patient dose reduction including Left-side, Right-side and Anterior dentition.


Fully integrated system includes high-performace PC with OrisWin 4.4

FONA XPan 3D Plus comes with fully equipped powerful PC with pre-installed FONA OrisWin 4.4 diagnostic software – a powerful solution for your dental practice. The latest FONA OrisWin 4.4 includes all needed visualisation, post-processing and filtering tools along with comprehensive patient management system and the possibility to extend its functionality with advanced implant planning module.

Compact design

FONA XPan 3D Plus is a compact 3-in-1 solution even with its Ceph arm. It has been specifically designed to fit in every practice. The unit is also easily accessible for children and disabled patients.


 Sensor Technology CMOS Flat Panel and PFPT (Phosphor Flat Panel Technology)
 Pixel size  100 µm
 Voxel Size 160 µm
 Focal Spot  0.5 (IEC 336 / 1997)
 Tube Voltage  61 – 85 kV
 Tube Current  4 – 10 mA
 Exposure time 2D  14.2 seconds (max)
 Exposure time 3D  12.3 seconds (max)
 Exposure Time Ceph One-Shot  0.2 - 4 seconds (max)
 3D Active Sensor Area  130x130 mm
 Ceph Image Size  240x300 mm
 Volume size 3D  85x85 mm (diameter x height)
 Image reconstruction time 3D  < 10 seconds (standard reconstruction)
 Weight  125 kg
 Panoramic Programs (1) Adult panoramic, (2) Child panoramic, (3) Left-Side Dentition, (4) Right-Side Dentition, (5) Anterior Dentition, (6) TMJ in normal occlusion and fully open, (7) Frontal view of Maxillary Sinus
 3D Programs (8) Complete dentition, (9) Left TMJ, (10) Right TMJ
 Ceph Programs (11) LL, (12) AP, (13) Carpus
 Patient Sizes  (1) Large,(2) Medium, (3) Small, (4) Child

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