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Flight Dental A2 Operatory Package

Original price $6,430.00 - Original price $6,600.00
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$6,430.00 - $6,600.00
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The A2 chair is the most economical chair in our line of products. The backbone to a reliable chair is contingent on both the engineering and quality of the materials used. The chair is produced using some of the highest standards and as such has received praise as one of the best chairs on the market.

Furthermore, the entire unit is finished using a Powder-coated baked finish to enable the highest level of asepsis control and with a cast iron frame the chair provides excellent durability. The company continues to exceed expectations, satisfying customer’s desire for an economically priced unit built using the highest standards.


Flight Dental A2 Operatory Package 

  • Flight Round Light
  • Deluxe doctor stool
  • 2X 3-way syringes, each at doctor and assistant side
  • 3X four-hole handpiece tubing with coupler (2XHigh, 1XLow)
  • 1X High-volume Evacuator (HVE) and 1X Saliva Ejector
  • 1X Foot controls for handpieces
  • 1X Handpiece holder for scaler
  • Ceramic spitton bowl
  • 24V X-ray viewer *(Option)


Built in ultrasonic or piezo scaler, Hand piece fiber-optics system, Multimedia monitor mount, Integrated intro-oral camera, Continental style delivery


  • Combine with the A2 patient chair
  • 3 way air/water syringe with fully autoclavable tips
  • Rotating one piece cuspidor
  • Automatic bowl rinse and timed-cup fill functions accessible by patient and assistant side
  • Unit mounted treatment light with two intensity settings
  • Touch pad control of patient chair for doctor and assistant
  • Choose from large or compact doctor’s hand piece control
  • City/Closed water system standard on all units
  • Foot controls hand pieces and offers water on/off toggle and chip air blower
  • 12 seamless and plush upholstery colors
  • Environment temperature: 5°C to 40°C
  • Related humidity: = 80%
  • Power supply:  ~110-220V ± 10%; 50Hz ± 10%
  • Air pressure: 400-600kPa
  • Water pressure: 200-400kPa
  • Bearing capacity of the chair = 135 KG

No goods shall be returned without prior permission by Flight Dental
Systems. If permission is granted for the return of the goods, the
amount of credit issued, if any, will be at the sole discretion of the
Flight Dental Systems home office in accordance with established
policies. If a return for non-warranted credit is authorized, a 20%
restocking fee will be charged on all catalogued items.
No returns on replacement parts after 180 days from date of purchase
from Flight Dental Systems. The customer is responsible for any
freight costs. Call Customer Service to obtain a Return Authorization
Number (RMA) before returning any item for credit consideration.
Product information and photography included in this catalog were as
accurate as possible at the time of publication.
Subsequent refinements may be evident in the actual product. Prices
and specifications are subject to change without notice.

If within the warranty time limits described below a product or
any of its components fail, the original user-owner must contact
an authorized Flight Dental Systems dealer with the product sale
and service records. Should the dealer be unable to complete the
repair, the dealer may contact Flight Dental Systems for
disposition. The product’s model, serial number and original
Flight Dental Systems invoice number must be furnished.
Transportation charges to and from Flight Dental Systems, if
necessary, must be paid by the dealer. If upon receipt at the
factory, an examination reveals faulty or defective original parts,
materials, or workmanship, Flight Dental Systems will, at its sole
discretion issue a credit.
This warranty does not cover damages caused by misuse,
accident, neglect or damage caused by the use of replacement parts
which were not manufactured or distributed by Flight Dental
Systems. Service performed by unauthorized dealers or service
technician or the usage of replacement parts not manufactured or
distributed by Flight Dental Systems may nullify this warranty.
All chairs sold and installed by authorized Flight Dental Systems
dealers are warranted to be free from defects in parts,
workmanship and materials for five (5) years, unless otherwise
stated, from date of purchase. Plastic Chair base cover and unit
covers, foot control and circuit boards are warranted for one (1)
All delivery systems sold and installed by authorized Flight
Dental Systems dealers are warranted for five (5) years from
defects in parts, workmanship and materials, unless otherwise
stated, from date of purchase. Damage resulting from the use of
improper chemicals and process for cleaning, disinfecting or
sterilization are excluded from this warranty. Wear and tear
items are excluded from this warranty such as gaskets, tubing and
All lights (Track Mounted Lights, Unit/Post Mounted Light and
Ceiling Mounted Lights) sold by Flight Dental Systems are
warranted for (2) two years to be free from defects in parts,
workmanship and materials, unless otherwise stated, from date of
purchase. Light Bulbs are excluded from this warranty.

All stools sold by Flight are warranted for five (5) years from
manufacture defect and workmanship.
Chair and stool upholstery, or surface discoloration or abrasion
from improper use of cleaners and disinfectants are not considered
a manufacturer’s defect and will not be covered by this warranty.

The warranty excludes all normal expected service items such as but
not limited to: light bulbs, filters, o-rings, hoses, HVE valves, SE
valves and 3-way syringes.
The warranty excludes add-on components such as scalers intraoral
handpiece illumination systems and custom upholstery materials,
unless noted elsewhere in this document. Warranty is limited to
repair or replacement as determined by Flight Dental Systems and
does not include any shipping or dealer labor charges. Products
returned to the factory and determined to be defective will be repaired
or replaced free of charge. If a product is installed by anyone other
than an authorized Flight Dental Systems dealer, or their
representative, all warranties will be void. No claim for labor or
consequential damages will be allowed.
All intraoral handpiece illumination systems and accessories are
warranted to be free from defects in parts, workmanship and materials
for one (1) year from date of purchase unless otherwise noted. Light
Bulbs are warranted to be free from manufacturing defects in material
and workmanship at the time of installation in an electrical circuit
having the correct characteristics. The useful life of light bulbs is not
covered under warranty. Scalers and accessories featured in this
catalog carry a manufacturer’s warranty and are not covered by the
Flight Dental Systems warranty. Please contact the manufacturer
directly for all warranty and/or service issues or questions.
Replacement parts and accessories are warranted for a period of one
(1) year from date of purchase from Flight Dental Systems.
Replacement parts, either purchased or replaced through a warranty
claim shall not interrupt or prolong the term of the original warranty.