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DCI Series 4 Arm Mounted Control For 3 Hp W/ Gray Flex Arm (DCI 4477)

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DCI Series 4 Arm Mounted Control For 3 Hp W/ Gray Flex Arm (DCI 4477)
  • Smooth lines for easy cleaning
  • automatic control for 3 handpieces
  • Flex arm system mounts on 2" post
  • individual drive air & water coolant controls
  • Stainless steel tray (PN 8013) & tray holder (PN 4280)
  • 9 3/4" x 13 1/2" instrument tray holder
  • Includes 8 Conductor Low Voltage Electrical Cabel
  • Precision Comfort Syringe
  • Wet/Dry foot control
  • Optional storage area for high-tech accessories
  • Available in left or right hand configuration (comes standard with right hand)
  • 7 ft. of 5/8" Umbilical
  • Specify tubing color & type
  • Unit comes standard as a thru post mount the top post mount is an option PN 8956
  • Preimum Asepsis Utilty Center PN 8909 Is An Option
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