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Welcome to Dentamed USA our web page. Hablamos Español!
Welcome to Dentamed USA our web page. Hablamos Español!

Belmed Manual Manifold Pre-Install Kit

Original price $230.00 - Original price $1,225.00
Original price $230.00
$269.10 - $1,433.25
Current price $269.10

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 Manual Manifold Pre-Install Kit

  • M130 Wall
  • M131 Wall (Existing Wall)
  • M135 Desk Includes: Pipeline Connectors, necessary cables and alarm mounting arrangement for wall or desk style alarm

M150 Includes: Frangible Cover, O2/N2O ¼ Turn Shut-Offs, Alarm Pressure Switches Dimensions: 15”H x 12”W x 4”D *Designed for recessed installation but may be surface mounted

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