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BaseVac Oil Free Dental Compressors D2.5 / 8-10 User Clinic

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BaseVac Oil Free Dental Compressors D2.5 Part Number: 2880112

BaseVac Oil Free Dental Compressors D2.5 / 8-10 User Clinic

2 x 2.5 hp Compressor Heads
• 2 x Perma Dry Desiccant Dryers
• Dual Air Coolers
• Tank
• Pressure Filter Regulator
• Auto Condensate Drain
• 6’ length of 3/8” Flex Line hose

  • Buck Boost Part No: 2900602
  • Remote Start Transformer Part No: 111531
  • External Air Inlet Part No: 2880132

• Clean air intake manifold combines both
compressor heads to a common 3/4” female
copper fitting. For clean air intake from fresh air
source use 1.5” - 2” PVC or ABS schedule 40 or
better. Hospital and goverment clinics may require
copper / stainless steel pipe (see NFPA or CSA
• Room must be provided with active ventilation.
• It’s recomended to allow 18” around and above the
compressor for easy access service.
• Room temperature should range 50 °F - 104 °F
( 10 °C - 40 °C).

BaseVac Oil Free Dental Compressors D2.5 / 8-10 User Clinic

BaseVac Warranty

Updated April, 2021

Warranty for New Products

The Seller (R. E. Morrison Equipment, BaseVac) warrants to Buyer (Original Consumer, Purchaser, or End User) that its products will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for the periods listed below:

HD Series Vacuum Systems: five (5) years, unlimited hours

MVAC Series Vacuum Systems: five (5) years, unlimited hours

D & S Series Compressor Systems: two (2) years, unlimited hours

SUR Series Surgical Vacuum Systems: two (2) years, unlimited hours

BaseVac Custom Solutions: one (1) year, unlimited hours

HD Series Upgrade Kits: two (2) years, unlimited hours

Individual Replacement Motors: one (1) year, unlimited hours

BaseVac Ad-On Accessories: one (1) year, unlimited hours

BaseVac Replacement Parts: Ninety (90) days, unlimited hours


This date of purchase shall be the actual date the product(s) was shipped from an authorized Distributor of the Seller or the Seller’s own facilities to the Buyer. Formal proof of receipt may be required. It is the responsibility of the Buyer to inform the Seller’s “Customer Service Department” of any problems with the operation of the products within the applicable warranty period and to obtain authorization prior to returning such product for warranty consideration should it be deemed necessary.



All products authorized for return shall be sent with shipping charges “PREPAID” to the Seller at 3615 Laird Road, Unit 21, Mississauga Ontario, L5L 5Z8 or an approved Warranty Service Center. A Return Authorization Number shall be provided to the Buyer to be placed on the outside of the package as well as any enclosed packing list. All shipments received “Freight Collect” by Seller will be refused. After the product is received, a detailed analysis will be made as to the nature of the problem. Should it be found that there is a defect of materials or workmanship, corrective steps will be immediately taken either to repair or replace in whole or in part the defective item(s) at no charge to the Buyer. Should the seller determine it best to replace the whole product with a new identical product, the warranty on the new product shall be in force only to the extent of completing the warranty period of the originally purchased product. The repaired or replaced product will then be returned to the Buyer freight prepaid via standard motor freight, and a credit in the same amount of the return standard motor freight charges will be issued to the Buyer as reimbursement for the incoming freight.



The warranty excludes damages resulting from one of the following causes. If it is determined by the Manufacturer that the damage was the result of one of these causes, the Buyer will have the option to pay to repair or replace their equipment at the Manufacturer’s standard market price or to have their equipment returned to them at the Buyer’s cost.

  1. Damage resulting from improper installation.

  2. Damages during shipping on standard FOB shipping terms.

  3. Damage occurring during unloading, unpackaging or moving the equipment at the customer site.

  4. Operation outside of specified electrical and environmental conditions.

  5. Damage from improper maintenance.

  6. Damage from misuse, abuse, accident or alteration.

  7. Damage from improper electrical supply and/or wiring.

  8. Damage from excessive foreign materials (dirt, dust, metal, plastic, etc.) ingested by the unit.



This warranty excludes normal expected wear and service items including but not limited to:

·       Filters,

·       O-rings,

·       Hoses,

·       Water valves,

·       Drying substrate and

·       Carbon vanes.

This warranty excludes third-party accessories including amalgam separators and specialty parts used in conjunction with the BaseVac products. These accessories are covered by the original manufacturer’s warranty.


This warranty is not a performance guarantee. BaseVac’s liability is limited only to the replacement cost of BaseVac equipment and mechanical services conducted at the BaseVac facility. BaseVac is not responsible for dealer or service company or other third-party charges or shipping costs. Claims for shipping damage must be filed with the carrier. The total value of the warranty coverage is limited to the original purchase price of the equipment.

This is the sole expressed Warranty of the Seller. No affirmations or promises of the Seller shall be deemed to create an expressed Warranty regarding a sale of Seller’s products.