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Amico Direct Wall-Mount Diagnostic Station DS-UDM-CHFH-XXX

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Amico Direct Wall-Mount Diagnostic Station

Direct Wall

  • DS-UDM-CHFH-XXX Ophthalmoscope Halogen / Otoscope Halogen
  • DS-UDM-CHFL-XXX Ophthalmoscope Halogen / Otoscope LED
  • DS-UDM-CLFL-XXX Ophthalmoscope LED / Otoscope LED
Smart practices and facilities are always searching for new ways to eliminate headaches, cut costs, and optimize processes. Developed in collaboration with doctors and nurses, Amico’s diagnostic equipment line maximizes value, provides peace of mind and enhances practitioner workflow
A range of mounting options optimize workflow and enhance practitioner and patient experience. Mount directly to the wall, or on a wallboard to enhance aesthetics and simplify mounting. Roll Stand-mounting enables quick relocation from room to room in a busy office or handling patient overflow in a hectic emergency department. Rails facilitate easy mounting, quick reorganization of equipment, and incorporates even more storage for the ultimate exam workflow solution!

Direct Wall Common Configurations:

Amico Direct Wall-Mount Diagnostic Station DS-UDM-CHFH-XXX