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Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA
Welcome Our Store Dentamed USA

ADS Dental Operatory Package AJ15 Classic 200

Original price $9,045.00 - Original price $9,765.00
Original price
$9,045.00 - $9,765.00
Current price $9,045.00


  • ADS Dental Operatory Package AJ15 Classic 200
  • AJ15 Classic 201
  • Left/Right Swing Operatory Package
  • A9152002 Without Cuspidor
  • A9152012 With Cuspidor

AJ15 hydraulic chair :

  •     With 3 programmable positions, 
  •     Articulating headrest, 
  •     Swing up/down aluminium armrest,
  •     Narrow backrest, steel backrest stand,  
  •     Upgraded fiber leather, 
  •     Cast iron chair frame,  
  •     Steel base plate,  
  •     60° Seat rotation, Chair safety switch,  
  •     One touchpad,
  •     Foot control
Delivery Unit

Swing Beyond dentist's control head :

  •     Cast aluminum delivery head base,double pivot delivery head, 
  •     3 auto H.P. control, 1 doctor syringe, 
  •     Individual water coolant controls, master handpiece air coolant adjustment, 
  •     Asepsis handpiece tubing,  
  •     Handpiece flush system, 
  •     Master on/off switch, 
  •     Wet/Dry foot control, 
  •     Stainless steel tray with non-slip pad, 
  •     City / bottled water system,
  •    Junction box with air/water filters, regulators, master shut-off valves, 5 ft         umbilical
Assistant Arm

Chair mounted swing rear assistant vacumm package :

  •     Assistant touchpad,
  •     2 HVE, 1SE, 1 syringe on assistant's control,
  •     Water outlet and air QD on assitant tray, Solids collector

Swing mount LED light :

  •     With sensor control, 
  •     3 Level intensity adjustment.

Package includes
  • A091502 - AJ15 Hydraulic Chair 
  • Narrow backrest hydraulic chair with  3 programmable postions and fiber leather

  • A0712003 Classic 200 Left/ Right Swing Delivery System
  • Beyond 400 Left/ Right Swing Delivery System with 3 auto HP control, dentist touchpad, bottled water system,Swing assistant vac pac with    2HVE, 1SE and 1 syringe, assitant touchpad.    

  • A0502520 Classic Swing mount dentist's control                                            Swing mount 3HP auto dentist's control,  bottled water system, utility center and valves.

  • A11302 Classic Swing mount assistant vacumm package                         
  • Swing mount assistant vacumm package with 2 HVE, 1SE, 1 Syringe, solids collector
  • A0603600 Swing mount LED light         
  • Swing mount Whale LED Dental Light
  • A11204 Chair adaptor for swing mount                   
  • Chair adapter for ADS chairs
  • A121532                        HP Fiber optic system with 1 tubing (6 pin)
  • A121533                        HP Fiber optic system with 2 tubings (6 pin)
  • A121440                        Water bottle quick release
  • A120501                        ADS Monitor bracket 
  • A120401                        Built in scaler
  • A120301                        Built in curing light
  • A121915                        Additional umbilical per foot
  • A0602630                      Post mount Amber LED light




                ADS Dental Operatory Package AJ15 Classic 200

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In stock

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