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MARK3 Dappen Dishes Disposable Assorted

by Cargus
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MARK3 Dappen Dishes Disposable  Assorted 

  • 100-0040 Dappen Dishes Disposable  Assorted 1000/bx. - MARK3®*
  • 100-0036 Dappen Dishes Disposable Blue 250/bx. - MARK3®*
  • 100-0037 Dappen Dishes Disposable White 250/bx. - MARK3®*
  • 100-0038 Dappen Dishes Disposable Yellow 250/bx. - MARK3®*
  • 100-0039 Dappen Dishes Disposable. Pink 250/bx. - MARK3®*


Dappen Dishes Disposable - MARK3
Manufacturer: MARK3

Available in assorted colors and quantities.
Compares to: Plasdent Dappen Dishes
COMPARES TO: Plasdent Dappen Dishes

Dappen Dishes Disposable - MARK3

  • Our disposable Dappen Dishes are perfect for mixing amalgams or acrylics..
  • Extremely durable, can withstand any liquid in a dental office. 
  • Can also be used as a propphy paste cup
  • Assorted Colors, for easy organization..