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Rental Hill-Rom P3200 VersaCare Hospital Bed Refurbished

Original price $280.00 - Original price $360.00
Original price
$280.00 - $360.00
Current price $280.00

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Rental Hill-Rom P3200 VersaCare Bed Refurbish

Rental is available for this item at $280.00 / $360.00 a month and includes local setup/delivery and pickup

The rental of this bed is only up to 200 miles from Miami Florida

Refurbishig Process For Hospital Bed:

Disassemble and disinfect all components
Inspect all working components for wear and replace defective parts as necessary
Polish, replate, repaint, or replace all exterior components
Check  safety switches, lockout switches, foot pedals  replace if necessary
Inspect, clean, and lubricate head, knee
Recalibrate brake and steer system
Inspect and lubricate all pivot points, Siderail latches, instant CPR cables
Battery backup replacement
Mattress leaking test
Hydraulic leaking test
Electric motor test
Scale calibration
siderails cables replacement
Air Mattress 24 hours test 
Patient weight, all surfaces: 500 lbs (227 kg)
Safe working load, including all accessories: 550 lbs (250 kg)
    Siderail patient bed controls: Standard
    Docking pendant: Optional
      Scale System
      Side Patient Bed Controls
      Bed Exit Alarm System


        Low Position - Floor to Center of Deck: 13" (33 cm)
        Low Position - Floor to Edge of Deck: 17" (43.2 cm)
        High Position - Floor to Center of Deck: 30" (76.2 cm)
        High Position - Floor to Edge of Deck: 34" (86.4 cm)
        Maintains low height when placed in the chair: Yes
        Headboard/push handles maintain same height regardless of patient surface height: Yes.
          Width: 35.5" (90.2 cm)
          Length - fully extended: 86" (218 cm)
          Length - fully retracted: 75" (191 cm)
          Radiolucent Sleep Deck: No
          Surface Weight Limit: 500 Lbs

            Overall Width

            Siderails Stowed: 37" (94.0 cm)
            Siderails Up: 40" (102.0 cm)

              Overall Length

              Fully Extended: 94.5" (240.0 cm)
              Fully Retracted: 82.5" (210.0 cm)
                Head Section:¬†0¬ļto 65¬ļ
                Knee Section:¬†0¬ļ to 16¬ļ
                Foot Section:¬†0¬į to -27¬į
                Max Trend/Reverse Trend:¬†15¬į / 10¬į
                Head and Trend Angle Indicators: Yes
                  Caster Diameter: 5" (12.7 cm)
                  with IntelliDrive¬ģ power transport:¬†6" (15.2 cm)
                  Optional IntelliDrive¬ģ power transport: Yes
                  Four Wheel Braking: Yes
                  Brakes Lock Both Rolling and Swiveling: Yes
                    • Feature indicators:¬†Low low bed/chair, siderails down, brake not set, bed exit not armed
                    Sensitivity levels: 3
                    Modes: Positioning, Exiting, Out-of-Bed, Alarm Silence

                      Optional Scale System

                      Accuracy: 1% of patient weight
                      Weigh in any position (except Trend/Rev Trend): Yes
                      Scale weight capacity 500 lbs (227 kg)
                        Backup Battery Power: Standard
                        Optional IntelliDrive¬ģ power transport: Yes
                        Caster diameter 5" (12.7 cm)
                        with IntelliDrive¬ģ power transport 6" (15.2 cm)
                        Four-wheel braking: Yes
                        Brakes lock both rolling and swiveling: Yes

                          These beds are for hospitals and are very heavy and do not break into 2 pieces. Please Choose a room that is close to the front door and that the room does not have a hallway in front of the door. if you live in an apartment the elevator cannot be small.